Photography from area's I visit or pass through.

About Chris_ace_williams

My name is Chris Williams. (Ace)

‚ÄčI became a freelance photographer and news video so I could regularly shoot feature pieces and general events and news for the round the clock news programs and publications.

I have a passion for shooting Emergency Service crews and vehicles in action or at rest. Showing volunteers and retained working side by side to protect their communities and others.

I prided myself on my ability to go back and forth instantaneously from breaking news stories to feature stories with elaborate setups.

I am ready to take my passion for shooting to new heights. I am ready to travel wherever the next shoot is and bring my keen eye along for the ride.

With my Australian C.A.S.A licencing I like to bring a new prospective to the shoot, a birds eye view of your project, event or news story.